Smart Security and Lighting Solution (VVIP)

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Find this complete set that comes with a smart security and lighting system to offer the ideal protection for your home from intruders, by notifying you when someone tries to break in your home. The lighting system makes your home feel well occupied when you are away from the home and lets you use your smartphone to control your home smart lights from anywhere in the world.


Smart Security System

  • Receive notification via SMS alert for security breach
  • Define Zones to alert the location for the trigger (e.g. Living area motion detected)
  • Infrared motion detection with wide view of field
  • Remote controlled arming & disarming with Smartphone App Control
  • Use Smartphone app to view trigger history
  • Add up to 999 sensors to the Smart Hub Security Unit
  • Backup power of up to 8 hours for security system

Smart Lighting System

  • Have the lights in the house turn on automatically to welcome you home
  • Program the lights to shut off or turn on automatically on a schedule
  • Use your smartphone to control your home smart lights from anywhere in the world
  • Make your home feel occupied even if you are away
  • Customize your lights to fit your mood. (adjust brightness, change colours etc.)
  • Program your lights with Tasker App
  • Product Name: Smart Security and Lighting Solution (VVIP)
  • Number of Item: 44
In the box

Smart Security System

  • 1 x Smart Hub Security Unit Wi-Fi & GSM
  • 4 x Door Sensor
  • 4 x Motion Sensor
  • 2 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Siren
  • 1 x 360 Degree Wireless Camera HD IP
  • 4 x Wireless Camera 1080p HD IP

Smart Lighting System

  • 4 x Bedroom Smart LED RGBW Bulb 9W
  • 4 x Living Area Smart LED RGBW Bulb 9W
  • 2 x Dining Area Smart LED RGBW Bulb 9W
  • 3 x Motion Detection LED Bulb for Washrooms
  • 4 x Smart Rechargeable LED Corridor Night Light
  • 5 x Motion Detection Wardrobe Light
  • 3 x LED Lantern Emergency Light
  • 2 x Smart Appliance Control Using Smart Plug

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